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Classic Concrete only use the best quality aggregates from around England, we have developed a range of Exposed Aggregate Concretes to blend in with its surroundings. With exposed aggregate durability has been the main factor, designing it to withstand the extremes of the English climate. In doing so we have created some of the most robust decorative concrete available today. Not only is Exposed Aggregate Concrete very durable it also offers a range of different designs and colours.

The aggregates have been chosen for their visual qualities as well as selecting the aggregates for their safety aspects like maximizing the amount of surface grip. Increasing the level of grip should always be taken into consideration where raised foot paths, ramps and staircases may prove to be a hazard. Aesthetically we are able to use a pigment to match the colour of surrounding features such as a roof, contrast with the garage door or an aggregate to match flecks and colours in the brick work.

Below is just a few examples of what exposed aggregates are available with packages tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Materials Used by Classic concrete

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